FAQ Page

1. What is the Aquapurse?

Carrying a water bottle and a handbag is seriously fools game, so we designed a water bottle/handbag hybrid. It’s an all in one product that easy to use, and full customisable. You can also store your phone, credit cards and other accessories in the detachable purse. Take your water bottle to the gym, work, club and festivals….

2. What does my Aquapurse come with?

Your Aquapurse comes with one the water bottle, 1 x lid, 1 x strap and x 1 handbag. It is packaged in a beautiful cardboard outer box, that keeps your Aquapurse safe and secure when being shipped.

3. Can I buy extra straps?

Yes, our straps are completely detachable and you can remove and you can attach any other strap.

4. How do I remove my cover/ from the bottle?

Remove the straps first, then open the top button and gently pull the water bottle from the handbag. Do ever so gently and its removed!

5. Can I put hot liquid in the Aquapurse?

As with most BPA FREE Plastic bottle it’s not ideal to put hot liquids in the bottle, but they can withstand temperature’s up to 50 degrees Celsius (120f). Please do not put in the dishwasher or put carbonated drinks in there.

6. What can I store in the purse?

So much, as its comes with a zip compartment on either side of the bag! It is big enough to store- your phone (includes iPhone+), credit cards and other accessories. It’s 18.6 cm x 10.5 cm cm in size.

7. What size is the actual water bottle?

The bottle is 18.6cm  x 13cm  x  3.5cm- It also features a screw top lid.

8. How is the strap attached?

The strap is attached via standard handbag clip and it’s completely removable if you wish to carry the bottle as a clutch!

9. What is the length of the strap?

The strap is 120cm in length and fully adjustable.

10. How much water does the AquaPurse holds?

It holds up to 450ml of liquid (approx. 2 standard glasses)

11. What is the water bottle and purse made from?

The water bottle is made from BPA FREE Plastic. The cover/handbag is made from Metallic Neoprene or Vegan Leather.

12. How can I clean my AquaPurse ?

Firstly, remove the strap and then the bottle from the handbag. Then a great way to clean the inside of the AquaPurse is using vinegar (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water) or bottle cleaning tablets from your pharmacy. Do not clean your AquaPurse within your dishwasher as the AquaPurse is rated to 50 degrees celsius.